Get your hands on this multimedia, traffic driving package for a fraction of the normal price of the individual products!

A complete multimedia package.

The  Multimedia Package  is a set of tools to help you put quality multimedia on
your web site or in your presentations for under $100. 

To buy all these products separately would cost you:

HIFI Audio Stream $49.95
MSI Juke Box $47.00
MSI Web Video $45.00
Teleprompter $19.95
Did You Know $27.00
Video Home lighting $  7.00
TOTAL $ 195.90

Package Price is $97.00
50% discount Plus you get all the bonuses
that come with each software package

It's Easy to Order....

The full version of of this multimedia package is only 
$97.00 USD and includes extra software 
and tutorials.

MSI Multimedia Package
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Only $97.00

  YES, this is exactly what I've been waiting for! 
I'm eager to create my own Streaming Media.

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Paypal and 2Checkout Users  $97.00 USD: You can choose either Credit Card using 2 Checkout or Paypal and you will instantly be redirected to a download and product activation key Plus pick up your bonuses and tutorials.



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