"Who else wants to Turn their PC computer or laptop into a personal Teleprompter for a fraction of the price of
conventional software"

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Ref: Low cost personal teleprompter for video and audio production. 
  Whether you are producing video for a network or a small scale audio production, a teleprompter is one of the most crucial additions to your studio. 

I started looking for teleprompter (or autocue as they are sometimes referred to) software last year as I do a lot of audio production however when I started looking I could not find much under a couple of hundred dollars. You have probably found the same thing!

I was not looking for Studio software just a simple program that would let me record my audio with scrolling text and help with narrating video productions, Powerpoint slides and all able to run on my pc.

I could not find any so I had MSI Prompt built from the ground up. We have specifically written our teleprompter software from feedback and suggestions made by satisfied customers. This makes our prompter software the most CUSTOMER COMPLIANT on the planet

Let me get this out of the road before we go any further. This is not a studio teleprompter that does reverse text and has hardware parts. This type of software will cost you hundreds of dollars. This is a simple application that sits on your desktop and allows for scrolling text inside a set window. (See the video below)

MSI Prompt Professional is a personal teleprompter that allows you to do most of the functions of these expensive software packages for a fraction of the price. It is for use by people who want to make professional sounding audio productions on their personal computer or add narrations to projects. Download the trial (2mb) to see how it works.

Unlike many other teleprompters it allows you to record your audio right inside the program while viewing the scrolling text.

New Feature - Due to many customers requests we have also now made the scrolling accessible with hot keys. By using the arrows on your keyboard you can control the scrolling speed. Just click on the -[scroll speed]+ area and your ready to adjust the speed of the scrolling to be faster or slower with your keypad arrows.

Because all the controls and the text are in the one screen you can adjust all the features in real time. No need to compile and restart.

  • You can change the font size to suit your preferences instantly

  • You can change the colors of the text.

  • You can change the colors of the background

  • You can adjust the speed of scroll 

  • You can pause, stop or restart at the click of a button.

  • It is a set screen size for PC only.

Updated Features Added for Professional Version

1. High Quality Mp3 Encoder Added ( LAME) with full Voice capturing feature.

2. Asks for File Overwrite Both for Mp3 and Text Editor

3. Hit Space to Pause Scrolling. Hit Space again to resume.

4. Hit Escape to hide tool bar. Hit Esc again to show.

I tried the MSI Prompt Professional and it's very smooth in style. I love the recording feature. Being a preacher, it helps me a lot especially with desktop sharing applications and things like that. May the Lord continue to prosper your hands in this work.

Bishop Scott McClenton

You have many choices when it comes to the purchase of a personal teleprompter. You can either go with the teleprompters that can put a big dent in your production budget, or you can choose to purchase MSI Prompt Professional from our online store for the special price of $27.00 USD.

When I was wanting to produce my own audio series I looked around for some teleprompting software to help make my audio's more professional. I found that the software was extremely expensive for just a small home user like myself, so I had one made for me.


MSIPrompt is a simple piece of software that will allow you to 
easily format and present your scripts for producing quality 
audios for videos or other  presentations. It contains most of the
features of products 5 and 10 times the price.

The main benefit of MSIPrompt is its ease of use and its quick response times. This latest Windows version has most of  the professional features and benefits of teleprompters costing HUNDREDS MORE! 

I wanted something simple and easy to use without the high price tag.

Why pay for expensive text editors and a whole lot of features you will probably
never use.

Download the demo
Restriction of 50 lines.  (2mb)


Look at these great features and benefits of MSI Prompt professional:-

  • Smooth scrolling Text Window - Completely control the scrolling speed and direction of your text with + and - controls. 
  • Create new text using the built in text editor. - You can create the text for your project in the programs text editor or simply cut and paste from your favorite word processing program.
  • Change the colors of your font. - Some people like to read black on white and others like blue on pink. (well not really) but you can if you want to.
  • Adjust the background color - Change the color of the background to any color you like to make reading even easier.
  • Start - pause - stop - restart controls - Adjust the scrolling feature in may ways. Reset to restart from the beginning instantly.

  • Adjustable scrolling speed - Use the sliding or incremental control to get your text scrolling at just the right speed. Also has backup feature to scroll backwards. You can now also with your keypad.

  • Colored line marking - Our eyes tend to wander when we are reading text so we have added a colored line marker in the middle of the page to help you centre your vision. New - You can adjust the color to suit your reading style.

  • Open and Save - Open your own created text file. As you start reading you will want to make small changes. You can then save the text file for reuse once you are finished. 

  • Record Directly - You can use the recording feature to produce rich audio files using the inbuilt recorder.

Some of our customers use this same software for call centres, telemarketing scripts, sermon outlines in fact here is what one customer had to say:

So far as I understand your sales copy, the "main" selling point is that this is 5 to 10 times LESS than cost of comparable existing software. That is true, but I think you need to demonstrate or explain all of the various ways this program can be of great use.

For example, i have already discovered it is a great way to create an "outline" and keep it up in front of me during phone interviews, to make sure I stay on track and do not miss any key points I want to make.

Also, you could use it to create scripts for clients, record them, and easily create info products for your clients --- either for a set fee, or royalty basis. We got tremendous reaction from several clients who said they would love to do their own "info product" or course, if all they had to do was sit there and read a script, or speak from an outline.

Hakim Chishti

Using the Teleprompter

Create your text with spacing in any word processor and take advantage of their spell checking etc before pasting into the MSI Prompt software. You can also just type it directly into the editor.

Paste that text into the software and choose your preferences of font, color of text and background color.

Test your script and make any minor adjustments using the editor in the program. All adjustments and changes can be done in real time without the need for recompiling or exiting the software.

MSI Prompt Professional comes with our 30 day
money back guarantee

We stand by our Product. If you are not completely satisfied with the software you have a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. That is more than a guarantee - it is a promise.

When you purchase MSIPrompt to you will receive a full copy of the software. The license allows you to use it on up to 3 different machines within the one business or household.

As a special bonus we will also throw in another teleprompter for those wanting full screen abilities. Itis a great little software package but is limited to 2500 words.

The cost of MSIPromt is only $27.00 USD. This is probably one of the most economical and easiest to use personal teleprompters on the market today. It gives you the versatility to turn your PC or Laptop into a fully functional teleprompter for just cents on the dollar.

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