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You have to hear this audio stream to believe it. See how
our Flash Player produces HI FI Quality Sound! You can have
hi quality streaming audio like this on your site in the next 30 minutes.

Queen Latifah - California Dreaming (3 min)


Hi Fi Audio Stream

Streaming Audio Flash Player For the Professional!
  • Produce as many audio stream files as you like
  • Host them on your own server - you're in control.
  • Create Hi Quality Stereo or Low Res voice flash player streaming audio.
  • Compress from 11025/8kbs (dialup) to 44100/320kbs (broadband ) mono or stereo
  • Easy to use interface
  • Added components for more variety
  • Choice of over 100 controllers (play buttons)
  • Pay only once instead of a monthly service
  • Choose stereo or mono audio stream
  • Easily embed in your own web pages

From the staff of HI Fi Audio Stream
Ref: Streaming Audio Software for the Professional


This remarkable breakthrough in Internet marketing technology instantly injects the power of streaming audio into your Websites and emails using our Flash Player… even if you have no technological skills whatsoever.

With the web surfer becoming much more "web savvy" than they were a year ago, they are expecting not only information but an entertaining web experience.

Let me show you how easy HiFi Audio Stream is to use.

Watch the Video Tutorial
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Marketers and business people have always known that a well-placed audio stream can increase sales and signups to their products and services. The problem has always been that the average person could not afford the high cost of special servers or programmers to be able to use this flash player and the new technology.

This has all changed with HiFi Audio Stream …

With a few clicks, you’ll be able to create an unlimited number of streaming audio files and let your visitors listen to them any time day or night…..  Instantly upload them to your Website/s. Host them on your own server - you're in full control. 

For a long time, museums and other exhibitors have known that audio is a presentation tool that leaves a lasting impression. Now you can put the impact and power of audio on your web site for a very reasonable cost.

Utilizing streaming audio adds far more than just a personal touch to your web site - it sets you apart and gives your site a leg-up over your web based competition. With audio, you can highlight the uniqueness of your product or service and offer a more detailed explanation of features that could not be adequately described with text. This is also a welcome and appreciated service for the visually handicapped web surfer.

Now I could go on all day how great streaming audio is, and especially our software, but hearing is believing so listen to this stereo clip.

No more plug-ins for your visitors to download. Just click and listen!

  Yannis Brown - Barren Wastelands (45sec) 
Now in full stereo
(Put on your headphones)
Make sure your website is not left in the barren wastelands of silence!

HiFi Audio Stream is so simple to install on your computer and add audio to your web pages. This web site contains a complete set of tutorials for full, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. It's as easy as 1-2-3 with HiFi Audio Stream software.

Compress from 11025/8kbs (dialup) to 44100/320kbs (broadband ) mono or stereo.

HiFi Audio Stream

You've seen them on web sites, you've heard them and thought to yourself, "Wow! This is really professional! I wish I could have something like this on my web page!" It's always been too expensive or too hard or too inaccessible... until now.

It is also important to note that 35% of all people are auditory learners so if you do not have the ability for them to be able to learn about your website you are missing out on a large percentage of the Internet market.

For the busy webmaster who has little time on their hands, HiFi Audio Stream is the solution to creating audio files and codes in an instant. Just browse your hard drive for the MP3 or Wav sound file, choose the options and select the controllers and colors to use. Press go and the software will do all the work for you. Easy! 

The HIFI Audio Stream software is written in C++ and has over 32,000 lines of code that ensures your audio is produced with the highest quality. It uses the progressive download protocol that means no special servers or added software is required. This means that HI FI Audio stream is far superior to all of the free solutions on the Internet.

7 uses for Streaming Audio

1) Musicians - One of the greatest problems musicians have is a way to present their music. Rather than offering a few songs why not create a mini radio show with highlights of each song with some commentary.

2) Create Products - Many people do interviews or can use the phone to ring some one special. Why not record these and create products.

3) Personal - Create audio postcards for special occasions. Christmas, birthdays or just say high to mum, dad or the children on the other side of the world!

4) Ezines - With many servers prohibiting long emails, ezine owners are posting their newsletters online and just sending a link. This enables you to add interviews, tips and tricks, testimonies, music and so much more.

5.) Training - Coaching is on the rise and it is so easy to produce a coaching audio to teach people about your product, encourage team members, network marketing training. Colleges can record lectures, churches can record sermons and they can all be streamed over the internet using HiFi Audio Stream.

6.) Marketing - Marketers and business people have always known that a well-placed audio stream can increase sales and signups to their products and services. The problem has always been that the average person could not afford the high cost of special servers or programmers to be able to use this technology. That is now changed with the development of MP3 Sound Stream. 

7. ) Charities, Churches and Not for profit can now offer their visitors and supporters full streaming audio functionality from their web site for cents on the dollar. 

Be sure to watch our free tutorial on creating your audio files and download the free Audacity software.

The software is only $49.95 and you will receive your unlock code and added bonuses upon completion of payment.

That's right purchase HIFI Audio Stream and receive
5 front and back royalty free music clips (Value 49.95)
Plus some very special unadvertised bonuses.

Front and Back Music Demo 1         -   


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