Discover the easy way to set up video lights in your home studio for professional results!

From the desk of Quentin Brown
Ref: Professional Video Lighting

Professional Home Video Lighting for a fraction of the cost

Making videos just a few years ago was a very expensive and specialist trade.

Today you can set up a home video studio for under two thousand dollars including the camera and output videos of very high quality.

Not only that you can then burn them to a DVD, print directly onto the DVD and create your own multimedia production house for next to nothing using the new Canon Pixma printers.

The key to good productions is lighting.

In this special and exclusive report we cover how to make your own professional video lighting for around $200.00. Sure you can go get some spotlights from the local lighting shop however the heat they generate will have you melting in front of the camera in a few short minutes.

This lighting system will allow you to film all day in the cool and if you also follow our design to make the whole system portable then you can use them for all sorts of other projects.

Included in the Report:

We also discuss blue and green screens, how to plan your productions and also edit them. There is an extensive section on streaming video and we test the top ten public video sites.

Professional Lighting  Report Contents.

  • Introduction to video. (Page 3)
  • Step by Step instructions (Page 4)
  • Getting all the pieces (Page 5)
  • Assembly (Page 7
  • Hard Mounting (Page 11)
  • Making it portable (Page 12)
  • Summary (Page 15)
  • Green and Blue Screens (Page 16)
  • 7 Tips for Making a Successful Video Production (Page 17)Beginnerís Guide to Video Editing (Page 21)
  • Streaming Video (Page 23)
  • Resources (Page 42) 
  • About the author (Page 43)
  • Bonus feature: Making
  •  Your Own Low Cost Backdrops, Bluescreens and Greenscreens

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