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Web Video
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Now included in package ALL In One Video Converter Software.

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This video supplied by Digital Juice and is a tutorial on how to shoot a professional interview.

 streaming video The MSI Streaming Video Package is a set of tools to help you put quality video on your web site or in your presentations for under $50.

Streaming Video has always been available to the large corporate sites and techies. Now you can use the MSI Web Video Package software to produce your own streaming video just like the professionals with no knowledge of programming required. 

We will also provide you with all the tutorials and tools to make it as simple as possible for you. Just watch the videos on this page to see what you can do. 

What is included in the Package

MSI Streaming Video Package includes our proprietary software product and a group of free software packages and tutorials that will allow you to create or import various video formats and then compile them into a Macromedia FLV file. This is the best quality file format available today and is playable with no special plugins on over 90% of computers.

In the end like most things on the Internet it is not how much you know but who will help you implement what you learn. I asked a webmaster the other day about video and his eyes lit up and his hands started to shake because companies charge a lot of money when it comes to video. The point is, MSI Web Video is not meant to be the best video program around however if you want to get streaming video on your website like you see on this page then it is very easy and cost effective with MSI Web Video.

MSi Web Video Map MSI Streaming Video Software

Our special software takes all the hard work out of linking your video to a player. If you have looked on the web for a player you will see they go from $25 upward and are very chunky. Then you have to work out how to link them with your video.

Our player is a small 3 kb file which makes it one of the smallest on the web. Also you can adjust the size to any dimention you want.

As you can see in the diagram to the left there are also a lot of added features for this powerful little player.

Lets have a look at them quickly.

Watch the Video Tutorial (allow Pop Up)

  • 4 Player sizes - There are three different player sizes you can choose from. 320x240 - 240x180 - 160x120. One will be a perfect match for your site. Brand New is the wide screen player @ 320x180
  • Playing Options - You can use the check boxes to activate Auto Play, Looping, and by using our custom affiliate link earn some revenue when you use your player.
  • Custom Color - This feature allows you to take the colored line on our players and change it to suit your site.
  • Server Storage - This feature allows you to store the videos in another folder or even another server. Make sure you add the / to the end of the path.
  • Fully Adjustable Players - Unlike many other similar software packages our players are dynamically created for you so you can adjust the size to any combination you require. (see a custom large size in the custome samples below)  Pop Up Tutorial

Edie Brickell  Win 95 CD

  • Output Folder - This section has to be filled in to compile the files and means you can organize all your files for each project in one place.
  • Cover Image - This brand new feature now lets you add any jpeg file you create to the front screen of your player screen. Add a message, insert your logo or anything you want. Must be a flat file and not a progressive jpeg.
  • Instant Back room help link - This will get you into the help files and tutorials on our private room.

Plus Free Software - This package is designed to help you get the most out of your video and so we have included a recorder that will allow you to download from your supported video camera or use your web cam to make you videos.

There is also an editor so you can manipulate your videos and add effects etc. Many people have avi or mpeg files so we also include a converter to make the files into flv files for you. Some great sites so you can download and play with some free movies straight away.  We also provide tutorials on how to embed your video into your web pages.

We place all this information in a private room just for you that we will add to as we find new resources. The whole package is based around helping the novice to add streaming video to their web site. However the accomplished video streamer will also appreciate the ease of compiling and delivering streaming video using our software.

Hi guys...  Loving the product!  It's made my pages more exciting and a lot more fun. 


Questions and Answers

Why flv and not swf? - Swf files need to be compiled each time and have limitations on quality and also length. You can simply edit your flv file any time and reload to see the changes instantly. If you need to try and make a flv first see our training page.

The hardest part of creating streaming video is converting so we will supply you with an all in one converter that will make it easy to convert your videos to FLV.

Can I use the players in other Software? - NO. These players are the property of MSI Web Video and probably wont work anyway.

How hard is adding video? - With the interactive videos and software we provide most people should be able to have a video done and uploaded to their website within the hour. Much quicker once you have done it the first time. The best thing is to look at our tutorial and see if you can convert a file to flv. This is by far the hardest part and once accomplished the rest is easy. Also included are some extra resources for you.

What Hardware will I need? - Unless you are wanting to develop your own videos then no extra hardware is required than a standard multimedia computer and a little experience building web pages.

Summary of what you will get.

1. You will get the MSI Web Video software to attach your video to a player and all the options.

2.  A complete set of tutorials and software to help you encode and output a clean time sensitive FLV file

3. Free editing and recording software. These are all freely available on the Internet however we have sourced them for you.

4. A list of sites where you can download video files so you can start playing immediately and learning the power of video.

The cost of MSI Web Video is only $45.00 USD

This is probably one of the cheapest and easiest to use video software packages on the market today. It gives you the versatility to turn your PC or Laptop into a fully functional video studio for just cents on the dollar. In the customers page below you can see he took the average 320 x 240 player and changed the size by altering the code to almost double the size.

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