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We produce high quality streaming multimedia products and training material for anyone wanting to jazz up their websites, online business, charity or not for profit organization. Simply click on one of the covers to see more information and samples. All products come with tutorials and easy to follow instructions.

The IM Clubs Webmaster course is a step by step competency based course that will help you discover all facets of how to set up a business online.

We developed this course for our young students in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. We teach orphans and disadvantaged youth the different skills to help them get jobs or develop business ideas.  The money raised from selling the course sponsors these young students

Sign up for the course today to start seeing Quentin Brown take off or start your own online empire.

The course will take you step by step through all the processes of getting Quentin Brown setup. We use videos and workshops so you can watch over my shoulder as I do all the processes

MP3 Sound Stream provides a simple CLICK AND GO system to allow anyone to add streaming audio to a web site..... for just cents in the dollar. MP3 Sound Stream's semi automatic interface means you do not need to know anything about compression or streaming protocols. If you can copy and paste then you have most of the skills needed for to be able to add streaming audio to your website today. Compiles from MP3 or Wav files. Perfect for the novice or the webmaster wanting to add audio to a website. More Information (Software)

HI FI Audio Stream is built on the same foundation as MP3 Sound Stream however it has the automation removed for those who want more control over the compression of their files like musicians and professional audio compilers. HI FI Audio stream is mainly for those wanting higher quality stereo streaming and are delivering mainly to a broadband audience however it will also compress very tightly. It uses your original mp3 or wav file so an understanding of mp3 production and compression is helpful though not necessary. More Information (Software)

MSI Jukebox is a simple piece of software that allows you to add two or more mp3 audio files to the Jukebox player. MP3 Jukebox is mainly used for those wanting a single application to stream multiple audio files on their website. This is so easy that anyone can do it. The software will link the files for you to upload and will then stream those files either automatically or on request. You choose the quality and type of MP3 files you want to stream. More Information (Software)

MSIPrompt is a personal teleprompter that allows you to do most of the basic functions for a fraction of the price. Whether you are producing video for a network or for a small scale audio production, a teleprompter is one of the most crucial additions to your studio. The only problem is they are very expensive. Comes with additional full screen teleprompter bonus. More Information (Software)

MSI Web Video is a software product that interfaces between your flv video and website. It is not a compiler of videos however we provide all the tutorials and information to help you. Video is not as easy as audio however it is being widely used now that broadband is becoming more widely accepted. Use it for business or fun and the skills you will gain far out way the cost of the product. Comes with additional video software bonuses. More Information (Software)

Making videos just a few years ago was a very expensive and specialist trade. Today you can set up a home video studio for under two thousand dollars and output videos of very high quality. Not only that you can then burn them to a DVD, print directly onto the DVD and create your own multimedia production house for next to nothing using the new Canon Pixma printers. The key to good productions is lighting.

In this special and exclusive report we cover how to make your own professional video lighting for around $200.00. Sure you can go get some spotlights from the local lighting shop however the heat they generate will have you melting in front of the camera in a few short minutes. More Information (eBook)

Did You Know It is very rare that you find a way of getting lots of converting traffic to your site that is simple and cost effective, well FREE! You have probably seen all the eBooks and tutorials telling you how to generate lots of traffic from Youtube and other free video sites. But what if youíre no good at making videos, donít have a video camera and still want to get on the multimedia bandwagon.

This report will take you through a system that has only been on the market for a short while but is generating a huge amount of interest especially in the business world. More Information (eBook)

The Package includes all the software and reports for the above products all in one download page. It also contains the extra software and tutorials to help you use them.

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