In the options there are 5 main windows you will use. Output, Bare, Controller, Instructions and colours. Interface just controls the look of the program when you start it.


Here you can choose to save the files to your desktop or a folder on your hard drive. The program produces three files. The audio, the controller and a html file. The Next Output file number will name the files for you. For example the next file will be named mp3ss14.


The bare output is is how your sound will play. If you choose a controller then you will choose one in the next section. If you want it to load when someone enters your page then you will choose the next two options. Do you want it to play once or keep looping.


The controller section is where you choose one of the many buttons to associate with your sound. There are currently over 65. By choosing the preview you can look at the attributes of each controller.


The instructions will determine how your controllers will work. The most common is "D" which means the visitor will decide when to play the clip.


This is fairly self explanatory. The background will set the color behind the page and the text will determine the text color of the output. When you insert into your page you can change these.